In order to display objectivity of our measure, we use a simulated account and present past performance in the table below which cannot be considered as an actual investment. Reasons are:

  • We do not take into account client's account information, such as balance, leverage, counterparty.
  • We will enter and exit trades using the bid or offer rate of the WM/Reuters as a reference rather than a broker or bank quotes.
  • The P&L ONLY considers the change in spot rates from open price to close price, and does not include execution fee, swap and other expenses.
  • As the markets rise and fall, returns may be negative. We encourage you to think of investing as a long-term activity. Performance figures are not intended to be a forecast. Reported returns are not levered.


Performance Since 2014

201613.16%9.27%-9.53% 1.49%-0.44%1.08%3.17%-3.36%-6.23%3.75%4.47% 1.60%